Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ on Features

  1. I cannot view any content on myHDspace. It shows that “Your account does not have an active subscription to myHDspace”. 
    • You need to click on a subscription link specific to your company in order to have content access. Please check Step 5 of your registration guide.
  2. I cannot find “myHDspace” in my mobile’s app store (Google Play Store, Apple App Store, etc.)..
    • myHDSpace is not available through your device’s app store. Kindly go to the browser on your mobile devices and log into
    • For first-time myHDspace iPhone users, you will be prompted with “Add to Home Screen” to install myHDspace web app.
    • For first-time myHDspace Android mobile users, you will be prompted with “Install App.” If you missed the 1st attempt to install the application, here’s a specific guide for you to install myHDspace web app.
  3. I cannot access all the e-learning modules’ content.
    • Based on the contract subscribed by your company, only specific e-learning module(s) are accessible without additional charge. 
    • Should you wish to individually purchase a specific e-Learning module, please visit or send an email to for further assistance.
  4. How can I find a specific article if I do not know which category it is under?
    • You can click on the “search” button on top right and type the key words. Relevant topics/articles will be shown.
  5. Are the resources available in other languages?
    • Currently all resources are only available in English except for Influencer (E-Newsletter) which is available in English, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, & Thai languages.
  6. Do you have videos and more self-assessments?
    • We will continue to build up our E-library with more videos and self-assessments.

FAQ on HD Chat

  1. How many languages available for HD Chats?
    • HD Chat is available in English, Chinese (Simplified) and Chinese (Traditional).
  2. Is HD Chat 24/7?
    • HD Chat consultants are only available during working hours (Mon-Fri, 9:30am-6pm * ) in each region. If it’s outside of working hours, all chats will be supported by Chatbot.
    • * Note:
      GMT +5:30  (India)
    • GMT +7 (Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam)
      GMT +8 (China Mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines)
      GMT + 9 (Japan, Korea)
  1. Can we use HD chat for consultation/coaching?
    • HD chat serves as another channel for clients to reach us apart from Hotline and WLC email. It is meant for short-term support (15 minutes) on general inquiries and intake. Clients will be directed to make appointment with HD consultants for consultation/coaching.
  2. Can HD chat support crisis cases?
    • HD Chat is not meant to support crisis. It has been stated in the chatbot prompt and terms/conditions of the limitation of crisis support and hotline numbers were made available if urgent needs are required. Clients will need to agree with the terms before proceeding with “Chat with HD Consultant”.
  3. What if I need urgent support?
    • Please call our hotline for 24/7 support in your region, which you can find under the “contact us” tab.
  4. What is the typical response time on HDchat?
    • After we have collected your request and some simple background information, our consultant will usually be available within 15 minutes during office hours. Any request received during out-of-office hours will be responded to in the next business day.
  5. What if I closed my browser accidentally during the chat?
    • You will receive a notification from your registered e-mail, and you can reply to the email to continue your conversation.

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